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Darsha Amavasya

Darsha amavasya or Darsh amavasya is the no moon night in the traditional Hindu calendar. On this night, moon is completely absent. It holds a great importance in Hindu religion. This day is the first day after no moon day. People observe fast on this day break it after sighting new moon on Chandra Darshan day.

Rituals and significance of Darsha Amavasya :

  • Day of fasting which is dedicated to Chandra dev, the god of the moon.
  • The god of moon i.e., Chandradev is the most important Navgrahas of Hinduism. He is the lord of emotions and divine grace. He is considered as the nurture of plant and animal life.
  • People who worship Chandra dev on this day can gain good fortune and prosperity in their lives.
  • It helps in accessing progress in lives.
  • It reduces the delays and reversals in life.
  • Worshiping Moon on this day, one can gain spiritual sensitivity
  • This provides coolness and serenity to the mind.
  • The day is associated with wisdom, purity and good intentions.
  • One prays to the God to seek success and good fortune in life.

This day is an optimal day to pray for salvation. Worshiping forefathers (known as Pitra in Sanskrit) on this day is considered as the most important part of the day. Many worship to achieve Moksha (completing the circle of life and death) and also attain their wishes and blessings for a good fortune.

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