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ambedkar jayanti festival

Ambedkar Jayanti

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated on 14 April every year. It is day when Baba Saheb Bhimrao Ambedkar was borned. On the same day, Ramji Ambadvekar and Bhimabai were born in 1891.

Early Life of B.R Ambedkar

B.R Ambedkar worked for the campaign of eliminating the casteism and social discrimination in India. He himself once, faced the social discrimination on his childhood when he joined the government school. He and his friends were secluded by other high group students and they were paid less attention by the teachers. Also, they were sometimes not permitted to sit in class. They were not allowed to touch the water. They were provided water by the person of higher caste from a distance.

Contribution of B.R Ambedkar

Ambedkar bestowed the nation as a jurist, philosopher, politician, anthropologist, economist & historian.

He was the first law minister of the independent India. He had contributed a lot to the drafting the Constitution of India. He was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee from 29 August 1947 to 24 January 1950.

He was strongly against the social discrimination i.e., untouchability existing in the country at that time. He organised various campaigns to aware the people about equality and eliminate the Indian caste system.

He played a great role in the establishment of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). He had written three successful scholarly books on economics such as "Administration and Finance of the East India Company, The Evolution of Provincial Finance in British India, and The Problem of the Rupee: Its Origin and Its Solution".

He had given ideas to the government for accomplishing the food security goal. He encouraged people for good education, hygiene and community health as their basic requirement. He had established the Finance Commission of India.

The day has been declared as a public holiday all over the India. Due to deteriorating health, Baba Saheb died on 6 December 1956.

Celebrations on Ambedkar Jayanti

Huge celebrations are held all over the country on this day. Homage is paid to B. R. Ambedkar on this day to commemorate the contribution in preparing the Constitution of India. Special events are organised at the Parliament of India. Celebrations include various activities like dance, painting, quiz competitions, symposium, debate, dramatics, essay writing, as well as sports in the school and in various educational institutions. At many places, free health checkups are also organised and free medicines are given to the poor people.

Quotations by B.R Ambedkar

  • Life should be great rather than long.
  • Cultivation of mind should be the ultimate aim of human existence.
  • Men are mortal. So are ideas. An idea needs propagation as much as a plant needs watering. Otherwise both will wither and die.
  • I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.
  • Every man who repeats the dogma of Mill that one country is no fit to rule another country must admit that one class is not fit to rule another class.
  • A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.
  • Political tyranny is nothing compared to the social tyranny and a reformer who defies society is a more courageous man than a politician who defies Government.
  • Law and order are the medicine of the body politic and when the body politic gets sick, medicine must be administered.
  • So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.

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