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aja ekadashi

Aja Ekadashi

"Ekadashi" refers to the eleventh day of a lunar fortnight.

There are two Ekadashis- one during the waning and the other during the waxing period.

Aja Ekadashi is also known as Annada Ekadashi. It is an important day which falls in the month of Bhadra (August-September).

The day is very religious in nature and signifies on organization over the needs of one's body, emotions and hunger. The fast on this day is said to purify and cleans one's soul by goodness of which a person can attain salvation. It is celebrated in high regard by devotees of Lord Vishnu. The celebration of Aja Ekadashi involves observation of a fast which is believed to result in the washing away of all the sins committed by the devotee. If you wish to get the lord Vishnu puja done then click here.

Legend behind Aja Ekadashi

Legend believes that this day is remembered for Raja Harishchandra. His bravery, truthfulness and sincerity were acknowledged and provided motivation to one and all. Due to his honesty, one day he lost his vast empire and his family including his wife and son, and for years guarded a crematorium like a servant. He was depressed by his situation of associations until a sage passing by saw his condition and sympathised with him. The sage recommended him to observe the fast on Aja Ekadashi and Harishchandra complied. He was indeed eradicated of his past sins as he gradually regained his empire and was reunited with his family.

Since then, this sacred occasion of Aja Ekadashi is marked by celebrations in various parts of India, by observing a strict fast in order to be purified of their past sins.

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