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Visitor Feedbacks

Ask Ganesha thanks all the visitors who have given their valuable feedbacks and suggestions. We look forward to your kind support.

AskGanesha bullet This is an excellent service and a very correct horoscope with good predictions. Thanks for this ~~ Madhav Pande

AskGanesha bullet I am very grateful to have this kind of site. This free facility will help number of people and they will definitely know the importance of match making. It really works! Thanks a ton.~~ Nupur

AskGanesha bullet According to me the horoscope and gun milan sections are the best. all the prediction are 100% accurate I experimented with some people.~~ Pankaj Khanna

AskGanesha bullet My predictions were absolutely correct. I am surely going to recommend to my friends.~~ Vidhya S

AskGanesha bullet Its same as my horoscope that is with me.But that was in Sanskrit. Vedic horoscope in English is far far better.Thank you for free services ~~ Roopa, Karnataka

AskGanesha bullet I find your site very interesting, particularly the kundi milan section  ~~ Komal

AskGanesha bullet This is the best possbl service provided thanx a tnn for ur help ~~ mansha

AskGanesha bullet The site has given lot of information. Some information need to be required in your site. ~~ Lalit Kapoor

AskGanesha bullet Sir, thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate your time and support  ~~ Aakriti

AskGanesha bullet I find your site very interesting, particularly the kundi milan section   ~~ Raj

AskGanesha bullet Your astrological report was correct. ~~ Shubiraj Joory

AskGanesha bullet
Wow splendid predictions. It is 90% correct. I think this is the best prediction I ever got. Thank you ~~ Avanthi

AskGanesha bullet A wonderful and beautiful website. I like to thank you for your free services. ~~ L. K. Gosai - Perth

AskGanesha bullet
Thanks for your advice. I really find a helpful advice to tackle with my present employer.  ~~ Arnie Ore - Indonesia

AskGanesha bullet
What is daylight saving? I am not able to understand it. ~~ Irwan  - Mahebourgh, MAURITIUS

AskGanesha bullet
Your career report is very helpful .Got job recently. ~~ Phyllis - Paramaribo, SURINAME

AskGanesha bullet
Online horoscope not working. ~~ Sudip - Jakarta, INDONESIA

AskGanesha bullet
Need clarification on birth time rectification. Can you find correct birth time of my father who don't know when he was born. ~~ Sharon- Singapore, SINGAPORE

AskGanesha bullet
I really felt good after the Puja. I liked the photographs you had sent me through mail. ~~ Dhyaneshwaree Devi - Arusha, TANZANIA

AskGanesha bullet
Your remedies are very effective. I would like to go for Ganapati Puja soon. ~~ Hinah - Lahore, PAKISTAN

AskGanesha bullet
Need your advice on problem related to visa and travel to a foreign land. ~~ Varahagiri - Rajamundry, India

AskGanesha bullet
Your prediction came true on examination result. Can you suggest me which stream is best suited for me. ~~ Ferlynna -- Ashland, USA

AskGanesha bullet
Please guide me on change of job. I am facing a long delay in upliftment. ~~ Suzy chollera - -Fredericksburg, USA

AskGanesha bullet
This is a beautiful site. I want to know more about you. ~~ Dr. Ritu Sharma - Mumbai, India

AskGanesha bullet
When is your astrologer online? I didn't find anyone.               ~~ Primradjen  -DHANGADHRA, Gujrat      

AskGanesha bullet I have ordered reports from many sites but most of the times, I got software generated reports. You are the first person who totally prepared the report in a custom manner. I am completely satisfied with your predictions.  ~~ Imran Khushnud - COLOMBO

AskGanesha bullet Yes you are right, the lady who is creating disturbance in my life in my ex-girl friend. very surprisingly, how you come to know.
~~ MIHIRI CHANDANA - Faisalabad

AskGanesha bullet Thanks for sending me report for my past life. I think you are much right. I have done those things in my previous birth. ~~ Amita Gilbert - Sydney

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Feedbacks, Visitors Feedbacks on Ask Ganesha


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