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Lord Garuda

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Garuda is the Eagle God. In Indian mythology, animals and birds are given a lot of importance as Gods and demi Gods. Snakes, Cow, Tortoise, Monkey, Tiger, Elephant and peacock. Similarly Eagle is given a lot of importance in Indian mythology as well. Garuda is the vehicle or Vahana of supreme God Vishnu. Garuda is said to be the king of Birds. Eagles are considered natural enemies of Snakes. Garuda is the national symbol of Indonesia. The icon of Garuda depicts him as having the golden strong body with a white face, red wings and an eagle's beak and with a crown on his head. It is a massive bird and is shown as carrying Lord Vishnu and his consort Goddess Laxmi on his back.

The birth of the eagle God, Garuda takes us back to the epic Mahabharata. According to the epic, Sage (Rishi) Kashyapa had two wives named Kadru and Vinita. While Vinita wished for two sons, Kadru wished for thousands of sons. Kadru gave birth to thousands of snakes and Vinita gave birth to a Garuda, powerful and strong bird. Once kadru and Vinita put a bet on the colour of the tail of the horse who was obtained during the churning of ocean (Samundra Manthan). While Kadru said it is black, Vinita claimed it to be white in colour. Kadru found out that the colour of the tail is white and hence she cheated by asking her sons to wrap around the tail of the horse and as a result it appeared black to Vinita because of which she was declared a loser. According to the bet, Vinita and Garuda became a slave to Kadru and her sons. Later Garuda secured Amrit from heaven and freed himself and his mother from the servitude of Kadru and her sons. But the cheating and insult made the snakes, a forever enemy of Garuda. Garuda's wife is Unnati (Progress). They had two sons- Sampati and Jatayu, both of whom played important roles in Ramayana. Garuda is mentioned in Bhagwad Gita where Lord Krishna says, 'Of birds, I am the son of Vinita' which means that he is an incarnation of Garuda.

Benefits of worshipping Lord Garuda

Worshipping Garuda yields a protective shield against all snake related malefic conditions in one's natal chart. It is believed to cure kal sarp dosha in many people's horoscope. This pooja can be performed with the help of a purohit.

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Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

Top Customer Reviews

For me, both God Garuda and website are heroes. Not only Askganesha astrologer told me what can I do improve my future but also gave such a good solution to my current problem. Garuda pooja really had an effect on my problem and also gave me a sense of security. Thank you Askganesha and Garuda Dev.

By RashmiKhadri, CA, Gurgaon

Till now I had only seen Garuda flying in the epic series but little did I know that I ever will be performing a homam to appease Garuda to get rid of my situation. I was suggested to this puja because I have kalsarp dosh in my horoscope. As Garuda Dev is considered the prime enemy of snakes, the puja for Garuda devji can help me. After the puja, I felt considerable improvement in my situation.

By BhavanaPrashar, photographer, Shimla

Garuda dev is also known to correct people's malefic planetary positions. At least for me, Garuda Puja proved to be an amazing agent of change. My planetary positions were going bad from a lot of years, I know that because everything I did resulted in a bad thing. When I took consultation call with astrologer of then only I got to know that Garuda Puja can help me. I did not have to perform the puja myself did it for me.

By Ankit Mishra, property dealer, Delhi

I would 5 on 5 stars to this website and also to garuda Puja effect. It really helped me in my bad times, I could not do the puja on my own but took this responsibility on itself and did the puja and everything on my part. It really affected my life and solved many of my problems.

By Smriti Jain, make-up artist, Alaska

Nothing is impossible in this world, today internet has all the solutions. I believe more in God now as I have experienced the power of God myself. Mykalsarp dosh was gotten away from me with the help of garuda Puja only. Anyone can perform this puja.

By Alka Chandra, self-employed, Panipat

Garuda Puja

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