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Why not to have
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before appointing
CEO, Directors, Managers, Employees

In today's fast paced world each one of us tries to get ahead and no one wants to be left behind. many new management techniques have come up and many new ways have been developed to get the things in right order. The use of Vedic astrology is also one of the keys used to surge ahead in this. The people who use it keep it as secret and do not divulge it others. It is a known fact if astrology can guide an individual it surely can also guide a whole big group only the thing is the right principals to be applied.

From astrological point of view since corporate entity is ruled by various individuals which include the CEO or Managing Director the horoscopes of the key persons become of paramount importance for it's smooth running, operations and its growth prospects.

From our point of view it becomes relevant that the key persons have the appropriate combinations in relation to the business carried out by the body corporate. Similarly the next step should be to have the right combination for various departmental heads. For example the head of finance and accounts should have good mercury and Jupiter. Similarly quality control head should have good mercury and Venus and so forth.

In the cases if the horoscope of the individuals are not available then Horary or Prasana Charts are of great importance and they give highly accurate results.

This way astrology plays a very important and significant role in growth and prospects of a company. If these aspects are taken care of at the time of appointment of the key managerial people then there are very good chances of success of a body corporate.

We can help in the following areas:-

New Venture Report: Selecting the Line of Business: The analysis of the horoscope of the key persons of the Organization helps us in identifying the area of investment and selecting the line of business.

Right Person Report: Finalizing the Top Management Group: This is very important for the success of the project. Here the horoscopic analysis tells about the suitability of various persons for specified jobs.

Corporate Muhurat Report: The best time suited for starting of new venture, office, declaration of public issue, starting of new machinery, selling of any kind etc.

Business family Report. The analysis of concerned people in the business family to know what and who will be beneficial to the business and their important roles.

Your information will be kept in total confidentiality and will not be divulged in any circumstance. We can help you to take the right decision and to gain an edge over others.


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