Commonwealth Games going to be held in Delhi in year 2010

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Commonwealth Games

Common Wealth Games News

The Commonwealth is a unique family of developed and developing nations, a voluntary association of independent sovereign states spread over every continent and ocean. From Africa to Asia, from Pacific shores to the Caribbean, the Commonwealth's 2 billion people make up 30% of the world's population and are of many faiths, races, languages and cultures. The Commonwealth Games is a unique, friendly, world class, multi-sports Games, which is held once every four years.

Although there are 53 Commonwealth countries, there are 71 Commonwealth Games Associations that can enter a team in the Commonwealth Games. This is because some Commonwealth countries have more than one CGA. An example of this is the United Kingdom, which is a single Commonwealth country, but which has seven CGAs, as England, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales all compete in the Games as separate nations.

The first Commonwealth Games were held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1930. The 2006 Commonwealth Games were in Melbourne, Australia. The 2002 Games were in Manchester, England. The 18th Commonwealth Games were held in the Australian city of Melbourne in 2006. The Indian city of Delhi will host the 19th edition of the Games in 2010.

A decision on which city will host the 2014 Games will be taken on the 9th November 2007 at the CGF General Assembly which will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The programme of the Commonwealth Games shall consist of a maximum of 17 sports, with an option of a minimum 10 sport programme. These 10 sports are obligatory; athletics, aquatics - race swimming, badminton, boxing, hockey (men & women), lawn bowls, rugby 7s (Men), netball (women), squash and weightlifting. The maximum number of team sports shall be 4. The host country may, in addition, be required to include events for athletes with a disability (EAD) if the CGF in the General Assembly so decide.


The 2010 common wealth games will be held in Delhi from October 03rd to 14th.


Common Wealth Games Schedule
Common Wealth Games News

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Commonwealth Games going to be held in Delhi in year 2010
2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi

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