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Capricorn FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Capricorn?

All about hard work, Capricorn is the tenth sun of the zodiac. Its symbol is Goat.

2. Is my zodiac sign Capricorn?

If you were born on any date from December 23 to January 20, you’re a Capricorn.

3. Capricorn is ruled by which planet?

Capricorn sun sign is ruled by Saturn (shani).

4. What are the main traits of Capricorn?

Capricorns believes in the real and the actual. They’re die-hard Practical, they keep themselves enlightened and informed. They are aspiring, zealous, determined, often pushy and a party animal. Ambition drives their way but they possess a pessimistic approach to life. They are self-obsessed and their ego pushes them to the boundaries of being rude and detached.

5. Which are the compatible signs with Capricorn?

Virgo and Taurus are the signs best compatible with Capricorn.

6. What are the alphabets of Capricorn?

Alphabets for Carpicron are Bho, Bhau, Ja, Ji, Jee, Jhi, Khi, Khee, Khu, Khoo, Khey, Khay, Kho, Khau, Ga, Gi, Gee, and Ghee.

7. The lucky days of Capricorn born are?

Tuesday, Saturday and Friday are days considered lucky for this sun sign.

8. The most favored numbers of Capricorn?

6, 9 and 8 are lucky numbers for Capricorn.

9. Which are the lucky colors of sign Capricorn?

Red, Blue and white are the lucky colours for Capricorn.

10. What are the generally recommended stones for Capricorn born?

Ruby, Garnet, Turquoise and White Diamond are recommended to Capricorns.

11. What is the month and date when sun enters Capricorn?

Sun enters in Capricorn zodiac sign in every January 14 (Indian Astrology) or December 22 (Western Astrology)

12. When does Sun leave Capricorn sign?

Sun leaves Capricorn sign in every February 13 (Indian Astrology) or January 20 (Western Astrology).

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