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tips for Promotion in job

Worship Lord Hanuman for Job in corporate / MNC company

  • According to Vedic astrology, if the people doing jobs are not getting promotion in the job or their salary is not increasing then they should worship Lord Hanuman on Tuesday
  • Buy picture / image of Hanuman ji on Tuesday in auspicious time. Bring that picture / image home
  • Now take the photo of Hanumanji in the direction in where your head is in during your sleep
  • Seeing the picture of Bajrang Bali immediately after getting up every day will help in getting success and remove obstacles.
  • Burn the oil lamp in the Hanuman temple on Tuesdays or Saturdays.
  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa and mantras.
  • Also do reading of Bajrang Bandh on Tuesday.
  • If the person wants to get a job abroad, place the picture of Hanuman ji flying in the air in your house where you can see that image more and more.

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