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easy remedies in astrology

Easy Remedies for Influencing Planets


1. Drink water in copper utensil.
2. Eat ilaichi.
3. Keep red handkerchief in pocket.


1. Use silver utensils.
2. Wear white clothes.
3. Keep white hanky in pocket.


1. Use copper utensils.
2. Wear reddish clothes.
3. Keep red hanky in pocket.
4. Put tilak/tika of red chandan


1. Wear green clothes..
2. Keep green hanky in pocket.
3. Use ivory utensils.


1. Wear yellow clothes.
2. Keep yellow hanky in pocket.
3. Wear garland of yellow flowers.


1. Wear white clothes.
2. Keep white handky in pocket.
3. Wear garland of white flowers.
4. Use silver wares.


1. Wear black clothes.
2. Keep black hanky in pocket.
3. Give black articles in charity.

Rahu & Ketu

1. Wear black clothes.
2. Use black blanket.
3. Keep black hanky in pocket.
4. Use black strap for wrist-watch.
5. Use surma in eyes.

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