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pollution free diwali

Celebrate Pollution free Diwali this season

Diwali is a major Indian festival that is celebrated with fervour and enthusiasm by Hindus all around the world. One of India's greatest celebrations, Diwali carries with itself an unmatchable energy and celebratory soul.

The eve of diwali connotes the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despondency. Nonetheless, in the current years, the extravagance exhibited on such festivals have not just put an incredible strain on the earth, yet have likewise put individuals' wellbeing in question.

While these festivals may appear fun, their extensive results are definitely not. Air contamination levels ascend to risky levels, vitality and sustenance wastage increments exponentially, plastic bundling and debris of crackers litter the streets and old age people have to go through a lot of medical complications that include high asthma rates and influenza owing to increased levels of pollution.

It's high time that we celebrate Diwali with a greater sense of responsibility and in such a manner that exercises minimum consequences on mother earth. Here are a couple of approaches to ensure that the current year's Diwali is a smokeless, happy and safe experience for all!

Cracker free Diwali

As fireworks leave the city dusty, polluted and covered with clouds of dust and dirt the following morning, an ideal approach to observe Diwali is to go cracker free. Without a doubt, for huge numbers of us, Diwali is synonymous with blasting crackers and it's sort of difficult to abandon the fun, yet there are sufficient reasons why we shouldn't hold tight to the convention. The poisonous gases released with fireworks make it hard for us to inhale and are connected to numerous respiratory issues too. The noisy clamours and blinding flashes likewise give extreme anxiety attacks to humans and birds alike.

Here are some eco-friendly options to fireworks

The best of the options include making rangoli out of flowers and homemade spices like you can use saffron for orange color, turmeric for the color yellow and wheat gram flour for the white color. Efforts must be made to promote cleaniness and hygiene of individuals. Minimum number of candles should be lighted, instead diyas must be lighted to promote small scale industries.

Blow balloons for sound

In case it so happens that you are devoid of enough space for a campfire, fill dizzy and beautiful balloons with sparkle and little bits of brilliant shaded paper. Spend the night blasting them with your family and companions.

Green gifts

When it comes to Diwali, one can always choose from a variety of beautiful plants like kitchen herbs, feng shui plants, air purifying plants, bonsai, terrariums as they make great eco conscious gifts.

Eco friendly crackers

You could likewise choose from a variety of eco-friendly crackers that are produced using reused paper. The commotion delivered by these bursting of crackers should also be within the decibel limits prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board.

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