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energized shree yantra

Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra is the source of attaining all worldly desires and is one of the most auspicious yantras for authority, wealth and power. Shree Yantra is the most powerful Yantra, believed to usher in peace and prosperity in your life. It is said that wherever this Yantra is placed there can be no dearth of wealth.

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According to the sage Bharadwaj this Tantra is simply wonderful and capable of bestowing totality in life specially if it is made of metal and is energized with the apposite Mantra and sanctified. Shree Yantra contains a very mystic inscription which is made of seven triangles. Around the Shree Chakra three margins are drawn which are emblematic of the three energies. A combination of these three energies makes Shree Yantra, which is considered an ultimate form-equation of a specific energy manifesting in the world and the most dynamic of all Yantras.

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