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energized kalsarp yantra

Yantra For appease the planet Rahu and Ketu- The Kal Sarpa Yantra

If you are having a KalSarpa Dosh in your horoscope or any members horoscope in your family, then this energized KalSarpa Dosh Nivaran Yantra is going to help you in reducing its bad effects. The planets Rahu and Ketu are most powerful planets as they enrich all the characterstics and features of planets with which they come in link with. Rahu and Ketu bth are shadowy planets and needed to be rectified through the yantras which are prepared during nights.

Kalsarpa Yantra is a useful yantra that is used to minimize the negative influence of KalSarpa Dosha.

The Kalsarpa Yantra is energized by our purohits especially for you and are not made in bulk as shown on TV. The Kaal Sarp Yanatra is energized by vedic mantras and homam.

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