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This Month's Virgo Horoscope

General: Do not share your confidential matters with people you cannot trust, or those whom you feel would disclose your secrets. Decision shall yield only favorable results. Teamwork, rather than attempting to go alone, will bring better results.

Career: Students are required to work hard and need to concentrate on their studies. You should be serious in your project work as it has the potential for long-term benefits. You are thinking of new career and job options.

Business/Finance: Your financial position improves boosting your confidence and morale. Businessmen should focus into forming new alliances and partnerships. You have worked hard for the success of your business and the good luck that has fallen into your lap. Financially it shall prove to be an auspicious month for you. You shall be spending money on the resources of material comfort.

Romance: You could feel a little wistful this month, thinking about romance from the past or dreaming about love that has yet to come.

Health: Proper exercise and diet will be important to maintain regular good health. Those already suffering from prolong problems can hope for some respite especially on taking a preventive care.

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