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Pisces 2011 horoscope and 2011 Pisces Astrology

Just check what YEAR 2011 holds for you?


In this year 2011 there will be strong possibility of unexpected gains and improvement in health Pisces zodiac sign born. This is also a good year (2011) for those establishing long term partnership. You would get pleasant information in your professional life which will bring you rewards and recognition. There may be fundamental change in your relationship front. During this year of 2011 there are strong possibilities to get appreciation from your seniors/partners/friends. Askganesha Astrologers say “At times the year 2011 will be challenging at business front and your competitor will try to take advantage and as far as friendship is concerned you would get the support from your well wishers. You will take more responsibility in education front and part time jobs are also seen well for Pisces sun sign born natives.” This would be an interesting year as there will be communications and intellectual interest in your home and family front too.

Love and Relationships Horoscope Pisces 2011

In the year 2011 Pisces zodiac sign born will get true love. There are planetary indications that you would succeed in developing a good understanding on enjoying the company of your partner. Askganesha Astrologer Says “you should value true love. Somebody close to you could be your soul mate all you need to do is look from your heart and there would be signs that he/she is the person for you.” You should also strength the bond to enable yourself enjoy the real life. Pisces sun sign born would benefit by depth of understanding on solving complicated problems of friends. During the month of March 2011 you might get entangled in some serious love situation. Love life brings some memorable moments that you could cherish rest of your life. This will rejuvenate you and arouse passion in Pisces zodiac sign born. This will give you wonderful feelings. Maintain decency in love affair to enable you to enjoy this lovely & pure feeling for everlasting. Askganesha Astrologer says “Love life would be in full bloom if you are willing to sacrifice all for your partner.” During the month of June 2011 romantic memories are likely to cloud mind. It is high time for you to make your heart receptive to advances of romantic partner. Keep in mind without love one feels the desperation of futility and heart craves to find one person with whom one can enjoy some joyous moments. Romantic imagination would keep you in a jovial mood. A friend may call up with some exciting news and you may enjoy with your partner. Love would blossom as the year 2011 progresses. During the last quarter of the year 2011 you will receive the support and help from partner. At times there could be some complicated issue which would need to be resolved. Overall Pisces sun sign born would have a good year 2011 in regards to love and relationships.

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Work/Profession, Career/Business Pisces 2011
and Finances Horoscope Pisces 2011

The year 2011 for Pisces zodiac sign born natives is seen to be good. Those who already have a stabilized financial position would get the chance to increase their status in the yare 2011. Saved money will provide you relief from any kind of unforeseen expenditure. For improving your financial position Pisces sun sign born should improve their business relationship also. If possible take a print of your plan before executing anything big. Askganesha Astrologer Say " During this year don't get indulge in taking risk for 1 & 2nd quarter there might be some ups and down during this periods. At times you may even be overwhelmed by your rivals and competitors. Try to adjust your targets to more achievable level.” Saving money by way of investing in insurance will be good a idea for the Pisces zodiac sign born. A new job is a certainty during the month of May to July 2011. It would prove to be encouraging and promising in the field of career and personal projects. Business problems may try to occupy your mind and you may feel as if working conditions are going beyond control but with your hard efforts you will handle difficult situations with panache and confidence. Askganesha Astrologer says “You are likely to achieve betterment by paying attention to every single detail.” The months of August to October 2011 are not seen to be good periods to make any investment which have short period and also not good for going into any kind of speculation. Do not feel dejected by the lack of achievement or success. Askganesha Astrologer advices Pisces sun sign born to try to avoid this period for any short investment but this period may help for long term investment and expand your business. Some Pending issues become murkier and expenses cloud your mind. The months of November and December 2011 would be extremely satisfactory and productive, as you will stand to gain immensely with a range of goals fructifying during this time. Overall this year is most profitable one and Pisces zodiac sign born would taste success after success in the form of promotions and better opportunities.

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Family and social Life Pisces 2011

The year of 2011 for Pisces natives would enable to clear all outstanding family debts. You may be too busy in building your career but however make sure you don’t neglect family and sharing quality time with your childrens. You should show a greater responsibility towards your family and close friends. Freedom of interaction with each other would help to clear any kind of misunderstandings. This would give you all the freedom and privacy to discover your exclusive lifestyle. It would be necessary to make personal efforts to save yourself from any unnecessary worry. Pisces sun sign born natives’ social circle would make limelight too in this year 2011.

Travel Horoscope Pisces 2011

The year of 2011 for Pisces natives would get business trip to increase your prospects soon. Journeys will be imminent and people will be eager to have a piece of you. A short picnic with family enables to enjoy the wonder & beauty of nature. It is advisable to be careful regarding your safety, while traveling. When you decide to go for journey so it would be advice to you try to take advice from agent. Try to go out and spend some pleasant moments with your good friend. Accompanying someone on a leisure trip will bring pleasure also. If your family loves to travel, then put together some ideas to help you. Student will do well this year and they would get many job prospects in foreign. Pisces natives may be good chance to promotion and also get some pleasure trip for expend your business in foreign.

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Health Horoscope Pisces 2011

The year of 2011 for Pisces native would be average in regards to health. There will be some good and some not so good periods of health for the Pisces zodiac sign born. You would be benefited by doing regular exercises. Joning of some sports club is also seen possible in this year of 2011. It would help you to improve your whole body. You should make your proper plan for healthy schedules. Askganesha Astrologers Say “Using smile as a tool of assertiveness would enable to enjoy your work and make your life healthy.” Do not force yourself to live a hectic life. Positive changes can be ushered in through regular exercise. Emotional problems can have an adverse effect. Your over indulgence in too many activities will bring bad result. Don't forget to follow mind relaxation exercises to restore mental sharpness and peace. Your health would better with the passage of time during the year 2011.

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Recommended Remedies for you during year 2011
1. Give sweet biscuits to the street dogs.
2. To attract good luck, leave your house after putting some sweets/sugar in your mouth.
3. Respect teachers and elders.

Recommended Vedic Pujas and Homams
1. Lakshmi Kuber Puja
2. Nandi Puja
Hanuman Puja

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