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Birth Time Rectification

A lot of the astrologer offer future predictions without correcting the birth time and that is the primary reason that almost all of their estimations go wrong.

This special report by lets you find out your accurate birth time which not many people are fortunate enough to get documented correctly. Exact time of birth is essential to fix the exact degrees of the Ascendant or the Lagan chart and also the accurate degrees of the planets.

Rs. 799/- only

Rectification technique used by our expert astrologers is shown right here.

The significant events of a person's life are considered and then matched with the horoscope created on the birth info furnished by the native. The entire horoscope is assessed and in case the events fail to match then the time is modified to produce the horoscope which fits with all the events of life.

To execute Birth Time rectification, you must know at least the date of handful of significant life incidents.

The birth events could possibly be like:-

  • Earning or inheriting some riches or fortune.
  • Notable promotions in business, job.
  • Status of Education (higher degrees).
  • Timing for Marriage.
  • Any accidents and occasions.
  • Big lottery wins.
  • Unexpected and happy meetings and so on
  • Purchase of Property/Vehicle
  • Change of place of resident may also be a significant life event

Once the time of birth is amended, it guarantees more reliable predictions. And hence, it is crucial to fix the information prior to making estimations.

This report will give you

  • The accurate Astrological birth time
  • Suggestions of vedic remedies.
  • Development of your horoscope
  • Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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