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Life Report

The Life report is a superb package that includes the following : Your life Predictions + Remedial Consultancy + Gem Stone Suggestions

There is a unique positioning of planets when anyone is born. With the help of countless calculations a chart is created which is called that person's horoscope.

This horoscope can reveal a lot of things, for example, your education, career, matrimony, children and family life, etc.

When we would your pleasant period begin or which period would be troublesome?

What would be a good time to make a huge purchase, such as a house or car?

All such matters are greatly influenced by the timings and planetary positions or the Dasha we were born in.

The thorough evaluation of your Natal chart together with the Dasha/ Antradasha (planetary cycles), you can easily learn about your life's events which are taking effect in the present and what is going to materialize in the long term. All sorts of pleasant and unpleasant periods and kind of situations they would pose, could be identified from the assessment of your horoscope.

If there is any sort of concern, then appropriate astrological remedies are also advised simultaneously.

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The Life Report contains these details:

  • Your Birth Ascendant, Sun Sign, Moon Sign as well as your Nakshatra, based on Vedic Indian astrology.
  • Complete Astrology Charts with the most accurate and detailed calculations (includes Birth Chart, Moon Chart, Navamansha & Bhava Charts, Sudarshan Chakra, Shodashvarga Summary, Graha And Bhava Bala)
  • Time or Dasha periods: How your planets would transit, and the way they could influence you. Our expert astrologer would evaluate current period along with happenings.
    a) Which Dasha and Antradasha is running currently?
    b) What is the association between Dasha and Horoscope?
    c) Which Dasha is more result oriented?
    d) What is the relationship of upcoming and present Dasha?
    e) What incident could happen in future?
  • There are several events in your life that you have no control over while there are a couple of others, you could control through your actions and thoughts. Our skilled astrologers can foresee the unavoidable with reliable time of occurrence, and in addition, ascertain good and not so good developments with regard to Love, Relationship, Sex, Marriage, Children, Money, Purchase associated with Vehicle/Property, Career, Overseas Travel, curses, Overall health other things imaginable, which means you learn about the smooth and rough patches that exist round the corner.
  • Recommendations for Fortunate Gem Stone based on Horoscope, its ideal weight, color as well as Metal to embed in. Complete wearing directions & Mantra for the same, and other essential guidelines would be provided, as well as safety measures to achieve highest benefit from putting on your lucky gemstone.
  • Time-tested & result-oriented Vedic Solutions, Suggestions of your personal Mantra, Yantra after comprehensive Astrological assessment, to overcome unfavorable influences and boost positive effects. This would help you lead a far more joyful, successful, peaceful and prosperous life today as well as in future.
  • If you have any questions related to the report prepared you can get back to us within 30 days and we would be glad to help you out.

Our primary aim is just customer satisfaction.

This specific report will give you:

  • Exhaustive analysis of your natal chart.
  • Thorough description of the 12 (twelve) houses
  • Influences of the Lords of Signs and Houses
  • The negative and positive impact of each and every planet
  • Various aspects of your life determined by influence of various planets
  • Timing of things, for example, Love, Relationship, Sex, Matrimony, Children, Money, Sale and Purchase of Vehicle/Property, Career, Foreign Travel, curses, Health, etc.
  • Dynamic analysis of the planetary periods (Dasha System - 15 years.)
  • Guidance for peace of mind, success and happiness
  • Effects of special Yogas
  • Special Analysis of chart to recommend Gemstone
  • Strategies and astrological solutions
  • Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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