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Gem Stone Consultancy

With help of purified gemstones, you can possibly control the body's energy-flow by redirecting the damaging effects and enhancing the beneficial influence of the planets governing your horoscope. Here, you will get the right guidance from expert astrologers about suitable gemstones.

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Many of the astrologers stick to the same old rules of recommending the Gemstones which are based on the trines which is the Lagna (the Rising Sign), the 5th house lord and the lord of the 9th house. Apart from this some advice gemstones on the basis of the Moon sign lord and the dasha lord. It is a common practice done by astrologers in which they avoid the suggesting the gemstones of the planets which are lord of the malefic houses namely the 6th house lord,  the 8th house lord and the 12th house lord. Because of this, in most cases people fail to have any beneficial effects.

But our expert astrologers at will review your horoscope deeply and will carry out the necessary calculations up to the sub lord level (the further sub division of the Nakshatras) and arrive on the best conclusion of the most suitable gemstone as per your horoscope.

Gem Consultancy Report will provide you the information on the most suited Gemstone which is a must to 'raise' the qualities of the planets which everyone needs to turn out to be successful.

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You just need to provide the following details

  • Date of Birth
  • Your Time of Birth
  • Place of Birth

There is certain procedure that must be followed while putting on a precious stone

  • Gemstones weight to be worn
  • The metal for the ring or pendant
  • Date/Day/Time when the stone is to be worn and also other instructions such as which finger it is to be worn
  • The mantra which should be recited to activate the stone

While preparing the report it is born in mind that the Gem stone recommended does not cast any negative impact on the people around you. The Gem stone suggested to you will bring in the positive energy to help you achieve your desires.

This report will give you

  • Formation and thorough analysis of your natal horoscope
  • Suggestion of best gemstone, its ideal weight and best suited metal
  • Recommendation of the best Date and time for wearing
  • Purification procedure along with the specific mantra
  • Also best astrological remedies would also be suggested in the report
  • Any query related to the report with in 30 days of delivery will be answered free of cost.

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US $ 14 / INR 799
US $ 10 / INR 600

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