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Pearl or Moti - Gemstone for Planet Moon


Precious gemstone Pearl is used to remove the ill effects of Chandra Graha (Moon Planet). It is one of best remedy to overcome obstacles in life due to planet Moon or Chandra. It is also known as Moti. Moon play a special role mostly every aspects of life of native like relationship, luck, fame, business, etc.

In Astrology Planet Moon represents native emotions, fortune, fame, memory, success happiness comforts etc. Moon is the lord of sign Cancer (Karka). It is recommended to wear if native face any problem due to ill effects of Moon (Chandra) Planet in Horoscope.

General Characterstics of Pearl (Moti):

|| Planet ||

Moon (Chandra)

|| Sign(Rashi) ||


|| Color of the Pearl ||


|| Diseases Cured by Pearl ||

Loss Of Memory, Eyes Problems, Chest Disease, Lungs Disease, Mind (Concentration) Problems, Cough Disease and Laziness etc.

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