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Emerald or Panna - Gemstone for Planet Mercury


Precious gemstone Emerald associated to planet Mercury, Mercury always resides along with Sun or at minimum one house ahead or behind the planet Sun. Emerald is a precious stone and recommended to remove the ill effects of Planet Mercury (Budh).

We generally recommend to wear Emerald in case native facing problem due to bad position of Mercury in horoscope.

Precious stone Emerald also known as Panna. Emerald associated to planet Mercury. Emerald is a precious stone and recommended to remove the malefic effects of Planet Mercury (Budh).

General Characterstics of Emerald (Panna):

|| Planet ||

Mercury (Budh)

|| Sign(Rashi) ||

Gemini(Mithun), Virgo(Kanya)

|| Color of the Emerald ||


|| Diseases Cured by Emerald ||

Lack of concentration, Depression, Dullness, Laziness, Restnlessness, Headache, Sexual diseases, Chronic, Diseases of the bowels, Barrenness and Rheumatic.

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