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Child Name Report

A name is a big key to the kind of person a child will be. A name affects one in various ways. it affects one's thinking it tunes you to specific and predictable qualities of thinking. Every name has a specific influence: first names, nicknames, surnames, as do the combinations of these names. It may be the single most important discovery of one's life.

A name affects health, each name can increase or undermine your overall health and wellness. It also has a great influence on one's inner values for example, if a child has an in-born potential to be a leader, but the name is hindering leadership qualities, he will suffer frustration and tension as a result.

We will provide you :
  • Horoscope of your child
  • Moon sign and its analysis
  • Birth Star and its Analysis
  • Suitable alphabets and names according to the planetary positions
  • The names numerological significance.

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