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This Month's Scorpio Horoscope

General: There will be success in all new ventures undertaken during the month. A stable period of growth and prosperity sees you shine with new confidence and enthusiasm.

Career: Students will get relief and new opportunity once the offer is changed. Journeys would yield excellent returns during the month. There may be rise in interest in spiritual aspects.

Business/Finance: You have to give top priority to financial planning. This month is also good for businessmen for expanding their activities. Expenses from different angels will make you worry. Some of the natives may purchase a fixed asset during the month. Litigation if any will be decided in your favor. Expect success on the professional front this month, as your sincere efforts bring positive results. Mid month promises a professionally enjoyable time.

Romance: A budding romance is on the horizon for some of you. Indications that you enjoy a wonderful time on successfully conquering romantic passions.

Health: You must take care of health problems that have been lingering. You may have to maintain proper dietary habits to safe guard your health.

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