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shukra puja

Lord Shukra (Venus) Puja and Homam

Shukra is the Sanskrit name for Venus, one of the Navagrahas. The radiant celestial guru of the demons. Venus is an indicator of spouse, love, marriage, comfort, luxury, beauty, prosperity, happiness, all conveyances, art, dance music, acting, passion and sex.

Shukra Puja is to appease the planet Venus. Venus Puja is very useful & beneficial puja, since it's worship strengthens benefic Venus & increases its positive influence and pacifies malefic effects of the planet & neutralizes its negative effect. The planet Venus (Shukra) is the most benevolent of all the planets.

To have a happy married life, one should worship this planet. Also those running Venus dasha or Sub-period should get the Venus Puja done.

This Shukra Puja is also beneficial for Success in love, media publicity, attrition power, relationship life and confidence. Shukra blesses the people with power to control their sense organs (Indriyas) and enables to obtain name and fame. The Venus Puja is done with faith to ward off all evils of Venus as per the natal horoscope.

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