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nandi puja

Nandi Puja and Homam

Lord Nandi puja is done for gains in career and profession, good health, increased longevity, win over enemies and win in court case (litigation) too. We arrange Puja or Homam by learned Purohit, along with reciting the Vedic mantra of the particular Devi or Deva along with the Homam done.

Story: When the devas and the asuras joined hands to churn the ocean with a mountain in order to obtain the nectar 'Amrit'. During the process of this churning, they also found poison which was so dangerous that neither devas nor asuras wanted to accept it. Lord Siva, followed by Nandi, came forward to help. Shiva took the poison into his hand and drank it. Nandi saw some of the poison spill out of Siva's mouth and immediately drank it off the ground. The devas and asuras watching were shocked and wondered what would happen to Nandi. Lord Siva calmed their fears saying, "Nandi has surrendered into me so completely that he has all my powers and my protection".

Lord Nandi has all the powers of Lord Shiva and being an obedient servant of Shiva, doing Nandi's Puja will bring more professional growth in one's life.

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