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mangal puja

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Puja and Homam

Mangal or planet Mars is one of the nine planets in the vedic astrology horoscope. Mars/Mangal is an indicator of energy, vitality, property, assertion, aggressiveness, accidents, violence, ambition, strength, arguments and conflict, passion and desire. Mars is also acknowledged as the protector of dharma, the sacred path and purpose in life that each of us follows. If giving bad results, needs to be propitiated well. It is one of those planets that give very visible positive or negative results. Those having Manglik dosh in their horoscope should perform Mangal Puja and also those Also those running Saturn dasha or Sub-period of Mangal should certainly perform the Mangal (Mars) Puja

IF you are facing such problems

  • Manglik dosh in horoscope
  • Too much of aggressions
  • Disputes in married life
  • Property related problems
  • Stomach related health issues.

This puja would also help you in

  • Reducing the malefic effects of the Manglik dosha
  • Control over anger and aggression.
  • Happy marital life
  • Gain of property
  • Win over enemies.

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