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gauri shankar puja

Lord Gauri Shankar Puja and Homam

Personalized Gauri Shankar Puja and Homam done only for you.

Free Mahurat Calculation by Astrologer

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INR 4100 / US $ 66

Mahurat Calculation will be done free by Astrologer

Puja will be done with right vidhi vidhan through experienced purohits.

By performing the Gauri Shankar Puja, various obstacles that delay marriage are reduced. The eligible bride or groom is blessed with suitable spouse.

Goddess Gauri and Lord Shiv (Shankar) are considered to be the best couple of all deity couples. One who with pure heart prays to Lord Shankar and Maa Gauri get their blessing to get married to one they love and also for happy marital life.

This Puja also enhances the chances of getting married to the person you love.

In Hindu Mythology, it is written that Maa Sita also performed Gauri Shankar Puja before marriage in order to have a husband like Lord Rama.

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Pictures of Lord Gauri Shankar Puja performed for AskGanesha Client on order

Top Customer Reviews

I got greatly benefited from Gauri Shankar Puja. I was not getting married and my parents were really worried for me. Even after looking for so many matches, no suitable match was found. Someone told me about this puja and while looking up to internet about this puja, I came across and I booked my puja through it. Within a year of this puja, I got married.

By Neha Gautam

Gauri Shankar puja proved actually helpful for me, I got married to the best man in the world and I'm very happy today. Without any hassle and wastage of time, I booked this puja from and they executed it.

By Sharmila Kapoor

Today nothing is original, people want to make easy money. But Askganesha actually does what it says. I asked them to do gauri Shankar puja on my behalf and they provided me with pictures. Within a month, I was approached by a very suitable match and I got married to him.

By Garima Sharma

I'm very glad that I came across this website, my son was not getting married. Every girl that we chose he rejected. We were very upset and he started to remain depressed all the time. We consulted the astrologer at, he suggested us to do gauri Shankar puja and even offered to do so on our behalf, we paid for it and our son got married within a period of 6 month.

By Saurabh Dawar

Someone told us that carry out puja for people. At first we were unsure, we thought they might just take money and not do anything. But months passed, and my daughter couldn't find a suitable match so we contacted They give the proofs of the puja done by them and people can be a part of the puja or not, depending upon them. We got benefited by the puja and my daughter is engaged now.

By Nalini Mathur

I and my boyfriend wanted to get married but because of belonging to different castes, our parents were against our marriage. After reading about gauri Shankar puja, we booked the puja through online by Once the puja was done, we were able to convince our parents and things started to take shape. We got married after a year.

By Shalu Aggarwal

I had the similar experience, we booked the same puja from this website, and it actually worked wonders for me.

By Rashika Jain

It is said that sita performed the same puja to get a husband like Ram. I don't know about others but after performing the puja by, I got a great husband and I am very happy.

By Aditi Oberoi

My case was so much worse, I reached the age of 35 and could not think of anything except when will I get married???? I lost all hopes on pundit, puja and rituals. I went to almost all astrologers but nobody could do anything for me except playing like a magnet for my money. My mother's friend had a past experience with who asked us to consult Astrologer Abhishek Dhawan who suggested us to get gauri Shankar puja done and we did it. By paying such a small price, I got engaged the very next month. Believe it or not, God exists!

By Shilpi Awasthi

My neighbour gave me a book to read and she said that will help me getting married as it was related to Goddess Parvati. I read in the book about the benefits of gauri Shankar Puja and the pundit of our temple also told me the same. I got the Pooja done through who would not ask for money for stupid reasons and all. I got my suitable match with in 6 month. Sooner or later this pooja works for everyone!

By Sneha Bhattacharya

I know life is not easy. And very difficult for people like me who cross the age of 30 and then give marriage a thought. After being stumbled upon by many pundits and astrologers, which was of no use. I got to know about how accurate is. I thought of giving this website a try. And my stars were in luck that after conducting Gauri Shankar puja, I got the girl of my dreams and we got married after 2 years of courtship.

By Kulbhushan Singh

Finally I got the time to write about this puja. Now that the review box is available, I can write about this wonderful service provided by One may call it a co-incidence if just one person gets benefited by Gauri Shankar Puja. But it is a miracle and actually works as I have seen 3 cases in my home who got their stars turn in to their favour by just clicking the 'book now' button on Gauri Shankar Puja. Guys don't worry and just do this Puja. You will surely meet your spouse.

By Shiv Verma

Gauri Shankar Puja

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INR 4100 / US $ 66

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