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This Month's Libra Horoscope

General: Your positive attitude at work would open new avenues for you and the hard work that you do would not go unnoticed. Any move to change the jobs may be stalled for time being.

Career: New friends are likely this month and the good news is that they appear to offer helpful links far into the future in both career and personal life.

Business/Finance: Your loaned money will be recovered soon. Cash and other financial transactions need to be handled with care. Friends would be helpful when you have needs that can be solved without spending or investing. You shall get recognition for your work and working efficiency. You will be in the best of spirits and achieve even better results due to your enthusiasm and optimism.

Romance: You may have to maintain cordial relations with everyone especially with your spouse as difference of opinion may likely to crop up.

Health: Yoga and meditation would have tremendous positive effect on you physically as well as mental.

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