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Leo Sun Sign, Physical traits, zodiac sign, Body parts, Color, Element, Positive Strength & All
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All About Leo Sun Sign

Leo - The Sign of the Lion Ruling planet of this Leo sign is Sun. The people of this sign are natural leaders and chiefs. The Leo zodiac sign is the fire sign. The people born in this sign are seen to be enthusiastic, energetic, and are confident. They are generally happy and lucky people. As this is a fixed sign therefore Leo born are stable in all kind of work they do. They are not in favour of changes and like to stick to what they feel is good. They have the energy and confidence to remain in lead.
Leo' Zodiac sign - born have strong personality and are naturally attracted to those who also have strong personalities. They try to keep in company with people of same traits. Leo sign born are intelligent and at times manipulative. They would forgive any fault in the people they like so long as they have individuality and purpose. Leos are usually generous and kind. They are openhearted and do not wish ill of others.
Leo Physical traits: Leo born people have well built physique. They generally have a broad shoulders, large bones and good muscles. They have a ruddy complexion, thin waist and wavy hair. Leo born people have a tendency to loose hair and could have baldness in old age.
Leo ruled Body parts: The Leo zodiac sign rules the following body parts heart, spinal column, coronaries and the aorta.
Leo Color: The color which is best suited for Leo zodiac sign is all shades of yellow, orange and white.
Leo Element : Fixed Fiery sign
The Leo zodiac sign like most fiery signs are ambitious and generous. They are warm-hearted but at the same time fearless too. At times due to being a fiery sign they could have harsh temperament. Leo born are strong-willed and lend a helping hand to mankind.
Leo Positive Strength: The Sun is one of the most important planets. The people born under the zodiac sign Leo are very bright indeed. They always like to see the bright side of things. Their Sun like properties imparts radiance around them. The Leo zodiac sign born are colorful and generous with tremendous charm and a magnanimous amount of spirit. They are ambitious and have deepest character traits. They shine in their own way.

Leo Daily Horoscope
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Leo Monthly Horoscope
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Leo Weekly Horoscope
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Leo Yearly Horoscope
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Leo Love and Relationships
From the 12 sign of zodiac the Leo born as a rule generally feel isolated and lonely in life. There relations with others are open, sincere, unadulterated and trusting. In relationships they are outgoing and spontaneously..... Read More.......
Leo Profession
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Leo Lucky Birthstone
The birth stones suited of Leo born are Ruby and Amber.
Leo Love Compatibility
Leo zodiac sign love compatibility is based on characteristics of the zodiac signs and their influences on other zodiac signs. With the help of this Leo zodiac compatibility you can have a fascinating new look at your friendships and relationships. Read More.......
Leo Health
Those born under the Leo zodiac sign require more sleep than almost anyone else. They generally overwork their brains, and are more inclined to suffer from headache..... Read More......
Leo Lucky Numbers
The lucky number which is most favorite of most of the Leo born people is 4. The years 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 51, 71.

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