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The Leo sign born people are generally are lucky in money matters. The Leo born people have the power to inspire others such as the leaders like Napoleon who was born in this Leo zodiac sign. They have an ability to lead their men even in the most difficult path. Leo born usually have an extremely independent spirit. They are not comfortable being dictated. They have great drive of purpose and will power. They are determined and once they decide to put their mind on some plan, purpose or position, they usually reach their goal even if there is difficulty or obstacle. The leo born are seen to be full of ambition and enthusiasm. At times they could be run through a lazy streak if something exiting is missing. Normally the zodiac sign Leo born are very patient and have the ability to remain in control even during long-suffering. They are not to be roused as they know no fear. They have the ability to attain high position in commerce or in Govt. they prove to be good at executive jobs, managers of big concerns, corporations, director and captain etc.


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