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This Month's Gemini Horoscope

General: You will be keeping busy in making up your future plans. You shall be able to bring balance in family and at workplace. Some of your friends and relatives will visit your home in this month.

Career: You might fail in achieving set target as your policy of persuasive communication skills. Computer professionals, looking for an overseas career are likely to get an opportunity to realise their dream at month end.

Business/Finance: If you are in business, you will be happy as you may get good unexpected profits during the month. This will improve your financial position and there will also be an enlightment in your status. Investment may not be profitable for you. For some the month requires taking calculated risks to achieve goals.

Romance: You will be sweet and smooth talker and shall be benefited by your honest and righteous attitude. Keep in mind that jealousy on your part could create a rift in your lovely relationship.

Health: You will have to reschedule daily routine to give body the much-needed rest during the month.

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