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Corporate Muhurat Report

Destiny is cannot be changed but it can be modified to some extent. There are various ways of improving the things. One of them is to have a good and auspicious time to start a new project for corporate. If a work is started in good muhurat ( benefice planetary positions) then the things would be better as compared to starting of new work in malefic muhurat. The planetary positions at the start plays an important role and if the right time is used one gets the benefit of favorable planetary positions.

When you are looking to start something new such as:-
New venture
Launch of new product,
Start of new office,
Declaration of public issue,
Installation of new machinery,
Selling of any kind etc.

You should go for the expert advice of our astrologers who can suggest you the best time to intiate the event in harmony with zodiac planetary position.

US $ 28 
   INR 1100/-


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