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will i marry my love how about married life when i will get a job will i be wealthy which subject should i select when i will have a child how to become healthy when i will buy land when i will travel remedies in astrology what is my future

Child Related Astrology Services
This section is for the people who are looking for astrological guidance
in regards to child birth, progency, conception, adoption
and even for those people who wish to know about the future of their child.

Personalized Astrology Reports

Specific Question for your children
ask-marriage-questionIf you have deep concerns and are looking for predictions on child birth, conception or similar questions then this is the right report for you. Questions like: When will we have a child? Or I am pregnant. How is my pregnancy going to be? Or I have a fear of miscarriage? etc can be be answered through the unique system of prashna astrology. Get this and also know the best remedies here......
Child Report
child predictions If you are a concerned parent and want to know about the future of your child then this is the perfect report for you. This horoscope analysis report would provide you the predictions and astrological guidelines about health, education, career etc of the child. This report is also customized as per your requirement. Remedies would also be suggested as per the planetary positions in the horoscope.
Read More......
Auspicious time to for Child birth
mahurat predictions If you are planning for caesarean then you should know the best time in which the planetary positions are such that the child born has good horoscope and a good life. This report can not only be used for auspicious time for child birth but also for other events of life. Find out more......
Progeny Report
child reportPlanning for child birth? Or finding delays in child birth? Get the answers now through the star’s analysis of your horoscope. The progeny report would provide you the information on the best period for conception and also the effects of the stars on the nine months. Effective remedies would be also mentioned to help you out. You can get to know all this in the progeny report...  
Right Gemstone for child birth
gemstonesGemstones have been seen to increase the effects of the planets. The Gemstone consultancy report would help you to know the planet which is most beneficial in terms of child birth and also for maintaining of pregnancy. By wearing the right gemstone you can improve the effects of the planets..
Best Remedies for Child birth
remedy reportFor child birth related problems and also for maintenance of pregnancy there are some very effective remedies given in the vedic text. You can make the best use of these astrological remedies to bring happiness in your life. These remedies do not inflict any harm on others. Get to know the best remedies for child birth here.......
Astrology on Child birth with Life Report
life astrology reportThis full life report would not only give you the predictions related to Child birth but also would give you the answers to other aspects of life such as married life, career, finance, travel, harmony, health, etc. You will also get to know the best suited gemstones and also other effective remedies to reduce the malefic effects. You can make the best use of this report by ordering it today.. Know more about complete life report.........
Recommended Puja for conception:

Ladoo Gopal Puja is the puja done to get the blessing of Bal Krishna the child avatar of Lord Krishna. One who gets this puja done is blessed with child and also for those who are wanting to have male child. Get this puja performed by our well versed purohits.

Best and effective yantra for child birth:

Santana Gopalam Yantra is the yantra for couples who are finding delays in child birth or having miscarriage. You can make the best use of this yantra by keeping it in your house in puja place and praying to Lord Krishna.  Get one yantra for yourself today. . .. . .

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