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This Month's Capricorn Horoscope

This month your ability with writing, speaking, and other communication arts will become increasingly vital to your progress. You have a very keen imagination, but you should try to be more open and less self centred. You may go to a retreat or inspirational seminar and be quite fascinated with what you learn. Provide an open atmosphere to staff to achieve desired professional success. This month will make you smile and remind you that life has many facts. Try sticking with your current position and avoid going for a job change. Your expenses seem to be running high, but your spending may be career related. You may feel like starting your own business or trying to find new clients. Travel could come up spontaneously and trips taken now would be a wonderful influence on you. Romantic life promises full of loveliness later half when most of the things go your way. Your health might require some attention so take care of your health.

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