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Jason Schwartzman
Date of Birth: June26, 1980

An exceptional young player from a family of Hollywood royalty, Jason Schwartzman wasn't looking for an acting career. Yet as the star of Wes Anderson's droll comedy "Rushmore" (1998), he proved not only a capable performer, but a powerful screen presence with a promising future. As enterprising love-struck Max Fischer, the diminutive (5'5"), dark-haired Schwartzman (who possessed expressive eyes, thick brows and a generally snarky demeanor) delivered a sensitive, engaging and remarkably funny debut performance. Given the daunting task of making his film debut in a starring role, the actor's performance perfectly complemented costar and comedy legend Bill Murray as Max's best friend and chief rival for the affections of Rushmore Academy's first grade teacher, the luminous young widow Miss Cross (Olivia Williams). Schwartzman proved a natural, with impeccable comic timing and deadpan dry delivery, firmly establishing him as a bona fide talent right out of the gate.Born on June 26, 1980 in Los Angeles, CA the son of late producer Jack Schwartzman and actress-director Talia Shire, the young actor could count among his clan such notables as cousin Nicolas Cage and uncle Francis Ford Coppola (both of whom have won Academy Awards). It was cousin director Sofia Coppola (Uncle Frank's daughter) who noted the similarities between him and the character of Max (described as "a playwright, horrible in school [who] loves older women"). Sophia made the introduction of Schwartzman to the casting director of "Rushmore. Nervous about embarking on a career in the movie industry (accurately labeled "the family business" by Schwartzman), he often consulted his experienced mother for advice during filming. Whatever the method, his highly acclaimed performance in the critically touted film serves as a testament to its success.


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