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This Month's Cancer Horoscope

General: You will have to face criticism even after trying your best for others. It would be a bit difficulty for you to keep promise or your word.

Career: The first half in particular promises a good time when you are likely to fulfill many personal milestones. The employed will get opportunity to elevate their professional career further. Those who are seeking job would get a chance to prove their caliber.

Business/Finance: Your mind would be engrossed in new money making venture. In business some of you reach a settlement through compromise & bargaining thus paving the way for achieving targets. You may witness heavy competition within your organization than from outside.

Romance: A sudden romantic development with someone you have known for long might come as a surprise in this month.

Health: If suffering from some serious ailment you need to remain alert. You need to conscious about your health so check eating habits; avoid non vegetarian food and alcoholic drinks.

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