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Cancer Compatibility

Cancer men have strong feelings for their mothers, they are either too close or too detached, no midways. How he behaves with his mate, depends a lot on the kind of relationship he shares with his mother. Do not expect a Cancer man to open his heart on the first date. Shy and reserved, they may even deny having feelings for you. It takes a lot patience and gentleness from their woman to make this man feel secure and share his feelings. The Crabs make affectionate fathers who’d never use anger or harsh words on their kids. Likewise is a Cancer female. Handling here calls for a lot of tact and understanding as she tends to get agitated and stubborn. She takes criticism to heart and rejection shatters her core. So, once you have committed to them, provide them with ample emotional security and gestures of love. Tender they may be, the Cancer woman would stand by her man’s side with extreme strength and devotion. They make doting mothers, very protective of their children and showering them with a world of love.

Find out what careers and professions Cancer individuals should go for.

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