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Emerald Gemstone- Its effects and uses

Emerald is the gemstone representative of planet Mercury. Emeralds are basically green in color and they disperse greenish kind of glow when held in light. They are various shades of emerald like peacock green, parrot green, sandal green, transparent green etc.

There are various qualities of Emeralds available. The best and genuine emeralds are bright, to look at, scatter green rays and transparent preferably without any scratch and grate marks on them. The drawback with this gemstone is that the emerald is a delicate gemstone hence they get scratched while be cut or during finishing. Grate marks in emeralds are filled with certain chemicals and their brightness is also enhanced in markets to get handsome value for them. That's why it is always advices to be very careful while purchasing gemstone emerald.

Astrological benefits of wearing Emerald Gemstone.

The ruling planet is Mercury. As per traditional astrology Emerald is the symbol of communication and love. It is said that emerald as a gift from a lover boosts the luck of the native. Emerald is very effective for the natives who are born under the zodiac sign Gemini. Emerald is good for health and prosperity. It increases contacts with other people. Positive and intelligent thinking is also enhanced.

It is believed that Emerald safeguards its natives from evil spirits. As Mercury signifies nervous system therefore Emerald is also favorable for people who suffer from mental illness, nervous problems etc.

Nadi-Astrology (scientific astrology) gives us a clear picture on which gemstone a person should wear. Apart from the natural significances of the Gemstone the effects of the gemstone on a particular individual is derived and if the complete planets supports good and positive energy then the Gemstone is suitable to wear.


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