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This site is one of our humble attempt in the ancient field of Astrology. Astrology over the years has undergone a sea change because of the continuous research being carried out by scholars of astrology. According to us, Astrology is a science, is a science and will be a science and therefore should be studies in a scientific way and the latest research confirms this to be a pure science. We in this section giving few articles that will clear doubts for our users related to false statements of Astrology and also if any one of our user wish to send his/her articles to us. One can send them by mailing us at

Here are some articles in Astrology:-

Astrology And Gemstones
Gemstone - Ruby
Gemstone - Pearl
Gemstone - Emerald


Indian or Vedic Astrology

Astrology and Karma

Why should one follow astrology?
The houses in a horoscope
The Nature of the Lords of Planets

Yantra to Overcome Enemies
Easy Remedies for Influencing Planets

Sub-Divisions of Astrology

Nodal Nodes of Moon - Rahu and Ketu
Way to cast a horoscope


Here are some myths in Astrology about :


Death and astrology

Manglik Dosha

Gand Mool Nakshatra

Actual Way for Gun Milan

KalSarpa Yoga 

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