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astrology and gemstones

Astrology and Gemstone

In astrology the use of Gemstones has its strong foot hold right from the start. The rishis and sages used to recommend precious stones to increase the positive effects of the planets. The gems stones are not only beautiful to look at but have some their own unique qualities that are very useful for the overall development of human beings. By studying the charts an astrologer can identify the auspicious gemstones and hence help the person by suggesting the gemstone. The gemstone absorbs the planetary qualities and passes them in the nature of the native.

The truth is that the gemstones may provide both positive and negative results to the native. Hence it is particularly said that people should consult an able astrologer before wearing a gem stones


There are majorly nine types of gemstones

Cats Eye / Lehsuniya (For Ketu)
Diamond / Heera 
(For Venus / Shukra )
Ruby / Maanik 
(For Sun / Surya)
Pear / Moti 
(For Moon / Chandrma)
Red Coral / Moonga 
(For Mars / Mangal)
Brown Hessonite / Gomed 
(For Rahu)
Yellow Saphire / Pukhraj 
(For Jupiter / Guru)
Blue Sapphire / Neelam 
(For Saturn / Shani)
Green Emerald / Panna 
(For Mercury / Budh)

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