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This Month's Aries Horoscope

General: During the month your self-esteem and confidence will be high. Any investment will prove profitable. The atmosphere at home will be congenial. There might be chance of meeting a spiritual guru who would mould your life better.

Career: You would make effort to work towards building a bright future for yourself. Students studying higher education will have a good time and get timely support for your parents.

Business/Finance: Businessmen on the whole will do better except for stock broker and publishing house people. Your will get more financial benefit in this month. Acquisition of assets and many more things/gifts this month may delight you. You will get a chance to make a profit from a career promotion, new job offer or special assignment, or speaking engagement. Businessmen will have to brace themselves to face a tough competition.

Romance: Some of your friend will be jealous of you for your relationship with your partner. You are committed in their relationships and demand reciprocation of their undying loyalty.

Health: You have to take caution on your personal health. There are chances that taking unnecessary tension is likely to create problems. Therefore keep yourself in a jolly mood.

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