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Anna Faris
Date of Birth: November29, 1976

Born & raised in Seatle by her parents Karen and Jack, Anna studied English Literature at the University of Washington after high school. As a child, her parents always encouraged her to act. Anna even recieved a video camera as a gift to film herself. At the tender age of nine, she started her acting career with commercials and theatrical performances in her city. She also did performances at the Repertory Theater and got paid for it. After graduating from high school, she attended University of Washington where she graduated in English Literature. Fresh from university, she wanted to go to London to write but after filming Lover's Lane, and a short film, Skanks, she decided to head to Los Angeles. When she arrived in LA, she signed up with an agent, The Gersh Agency, then started getting scripts in her mailbox. As she heard of the new Wayan's flick, "Scary Movie," she took the initiative and sent in a videotape of herself. Soon, she was the one selected from thousands of girls. She was chosen ot play Cindy Campbell in Scary Movie. After her appearance in Scary Movie, her career began to skyrocket. She began doing dozens of interviews, graced the cover of Raygun magazine, and she was signed on to film more movies. Her upcoming flims include: Love's Unlimited Orchestra, May, and Saphron Burrows. Now that her contract with Dimension films is up, she can now make more movies with even more companies.

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Ruling planet of this sign is Mars is the Aries. The people born under this sign of Aries generally have an active life, constantly giving an extra reserve of energy.....
Aries Physical traits :
Aries zodiac sign born people have Muscular body, medium height..... 
Aries ruled Body parts: The Aries zodiac sign rules the following body parts Head, brain.....
Aries Color: The color which is best suited for Aries zodiac sign is shades of red and .....
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The birth stones suited of Aries born is Ruby and Garnet.
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Aries Lucky Numbers
The lucky number which is most favorite of most of the Aries born people is 9. The years 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, are seen to hold importance.

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